About us

Who we are: 

We are the Zamots! Luis and I recently celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary - covid style, so basically we had take out. Over the last decade we have been blessed to add three little boys to our family that make us laugh everyday and question our sanity on a regular basis. How we landed here, launching Milkglass, is a story that began many years ago as we watched friends of ours adopt their son. God used their story to begin writing our own. In August of 2013 we were both confident that God was inviting us to add a child to our family through adoption but it wasn’t until 2016 that we printed out our first pieces of paperwork and began our first home study. As the paper work began so did the feelings of, “how can we afford to do this?” 

Over the next several years we had SO many people rally around us and help make our adoption possible. We had people celebrate as we shared our plans to adopt. We had people praying with us and for the expectant mom facing the hardest choices. We had friends hold us up as we came home from a disrupted adoption empty handed. We had friends throw us a beautiful baby shower. We had friends drop off gas money when we got the “It’s time!” call. There were so many people that helped make our adoption possible. 

Through our adoption story there were incredibly high mountain tops and deep, deep valleys. When our journey began we had no idea how much we would have to trust the Lord. We also had no idea how good and faithful He would show Himself to be over and over again. We also never knew how sweet it would be to have Shepherd as our son and share a special connection with his first family forever. God far surpassed our hopes and desires. 

Through every part of our adoption story our desire to help other adoptive families grew exponentially. Our desire is to always honor all members of adoption - including birth moms, adoptees and adoptive families. We know adoption is a beautiful things but it is always rooted in loss and should be navigated with great tenderness. We also know how overwhelming the financial aspect of adoption can be. We wanted to find a way to help a family bring ONE MORE HOME and that is a large part of how Milkglass Candle was born.

We are glad you are here and hope you’ll partner with us to bring ONE MORE HOME. 

About our candles:

The full story of how we decided to start a candle line also involves tacos but that part of the story is for another day. Once we decided to do it Luis, who has the ability to research a topic better than anyone I know, dove in head first, learning everything he could about candles. Waxes, scents, burn times, fragrance loads, curing times. I went right to the fragrances and started dreaming up different combinations. When deciding what was important in our candles we knew we wanted to do every aspect well. We wanted to use the safest, cleanest ingredients as we crafted items you could trust in your home and around your family. In all of this, we have created a candle line that we are proud to share. We use 100% soy wax. Our fragrances are phthalate free, meaning they are safe to burn around anyone and everyone without having to worry about them releasing toxic chemicals into your home. We use double braided cotton wicks that are zinc and lead free that will give you an even burn from the first light to the last!