"Fundraising with Milkglass Candle was one of the best decisions we made in our adoption fundraising journey!" - Tyler, a real-life Partner Family


Adoption Fundraiser - Adoption Grant 

We get it, fundraising sounds daunting, yet, for many, it can be nearly impossible to adopt without raising support.

Our partnership is designed with adoptive families in mind. From sharable graphics to personalized links and goal setting, we'll do the work; you just share it! Encourage your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors to shop our store using your unique code and that's it. We'll set aside 20% of each sale and send it your way at the end of your campaign.

 Adoption fundraiser

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"Every part of the experience was made easy and everything was well explained. They made everything as easy as possible with social media posts and ideas to make the most of our week-long fundraiser. Luis and Katie also were some of the most genuinely amazing humans! They care about every couple they work with and know how important fundraising can be when hoping to adopt a child."

                          - A real-life Partner Family