About Us

Milkglass candle exists to love and honor God by helping families bring one more child home through the gift of adoption. 

One more home...

When you buy a candle from Milkglass you are joining a community of friends and families on a mission to help bring one more child home, one candle at a time. 

That’s why we are committed to setting aside a portion of every sale for our adoption grant gifted each year on September 29th, the day we adopted our youngest son, Shepherd.

We also partner with adoptive families by hosting fundraising campaigns that require absolutely no initial investment allowing them to receive the full benefit of their fundraising efforts.

Lastly, we seek to honor each part of the adoption triad: birth mother, child. and adoptive family, through keepsakes and gifts that celebrate adoption while acknowledging the depth of emotions associated with it.


If you are a family on the journey of adoption and would like to inquire about our adoption partnerships please e-mail milkglasscandle@gmail.com.