Behind Milkglass

We are the Zamot. We live in sunny Southwest Florida and started Milkglass after adopting our son Shepherd. Through our five year adoption journey we learned first-hand how expensive the process can be. We were blessed to have so many families rally around us and help us cover our adoption expenses. We knew we wanted to help other families trying to give a child a forever home.

Milkglass Candle was born out of a desire to do just that - to help families bring their little ones home, at last. We provide a free (and easy) fundraising opportunity for any hopeful adoptive family and use all of the candle sales to fund our annual adoption grants awarded in September. 

We started with clean soy candles, but are excited to continue watching our shop grow as we strive to provide a free and effective way for our fundraising families to cover their adoption expenses. 

If you are a family on the journey of adoption and would like to inquire about our adoption fundraisers please submit an application HERE.