Celebrating Jesus’ birthday on Christmas Day became a family tradition for us in 2014.

It was my first Christmas after losing my mom to cancer, and everything felt so different. We didn’t send out Christmas cards. We didn’t make it to visit Santa. We didn’t bake all the yummy treats. And yet, in the midst of the painful loss, there was still joy and that overwhelming peace.

That year I felt the desire, more than ever before, to cling to the one who promised to be the Prince of Peace. That Christmas season served as the perfect reminder that the Savior of the world was born in a manger and lived a sinless life - and gave me the peace and the joy that upheld me through the worst season of my life. The birth of Jesus became more real to me that Christmas, so it only felt right to celebrate the greatest gift we had ever been given. So we make a cake and we sing and we remember what we are truly celebrating.

The cake was crazy - blotches of icing, mounds of sprinkles, and endless marshmallows, but it was just like that season of life. A mess, but still sweet and still good. We created the Happy Birthday Jesus Party Box for our family's yearly tradition and for yours. Our prayer is that it would help you delight in Jesus through this holiday season and always.