Milkglass Fragrance Oils

Milkglass Fragrance Oils

Clean soy candles

When making clean, soy candles, choosing a soy that is organic, non-gmo, and american farmed is only the beginning. Besides, without a fragrance oil, your soy candle will smell… well, like soy wax. So what about our fragrance oils? What is it about Milkglass candles that make them so special? In large part, it’s the fragrance oils we use. 

After much research and testing, we partnered with a couple suppliers who are committed to providing fragrance oils that not only smell amazing, but are clean and free of harmful toxins making them the safest options for you, your little ones, and even your fur babies. So what makes them so clean?

Essential Ingredients

Most of Milkglass Fragrance oils contain high amounts of the ever sought after Essential Oils! This allows the fragrance to get the cleanest burn in your soy candle and allows for the scent to diffuse powerfully throughout your home. Because essential oils alone won’t burn well, the addition of a carrier oil, such as olive or palm, is used to disseminate the natural fragrance. So why don’t all candles have the same aromatic impact? Well, the truth is, some suppliers dilute their essential oils with more carrier oil. This cuts back on costs since essential oils can be quite pricey and for many soy candle makers, that’s totally fine. NOT HERE! The use of clean essential oils and minimal amounts of carrier oil gives our soy candles their full bodied aroma without overpowering any space. 

No non-scents (candle humor)

Milkglass Fragrance oils are absolutely no nonsense. You can rest assured knowing that your soy candle is free from carcinogens, mutagens, reproductive toxins, organ toxins, and acute toxins. We refuse to use any oil that doesn’t live up to this standard, and you should too. 

Beyond the Candle

With these clean fragrances, we are free to expand our product offerings beyond soy candles. That’s why we launched “At Home by Milkglass”, a division of Milkglass Candle, dedicated to filling your home with products that are beautiful and safe, and as always, everything we offer helps fund our mission to help families bring one more child home through the gift of adoption. We’re so excited to launch At Home by Milkglass with two new offerings, Hand Wash and Room Sprays! Both made with the safe, clean fragrances you’ll find in our soy candles. 

If you have any questions about the ingredients in our soy candles or any other products, please don’t hesitate to reach out! Connect with us on Instagram or Facebook: milkglasscandleco or email

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